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Boys Hoops At Home For Pair This Week, Hosting Lebanon, Kings

Posted on: January 15, 2019

A LOOK AT THE EAGLES: A capsule look at the 2018-19 team:

  • 2018-19 Record: 4-8, 2-5 ECC
  • Head Coach: Joe Cambron (18th year at Milford and as HS head coach)
  • Top Scorer: Senior Steven Huxell (14.3 ppg)
  • Top Rebounder: Senior Brady Sluder (6.2 rpg)


A LOOK AT THE OPPONENTS: A look at Milford’s schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 15 vs. Lebanon, 7:30 p.m.
    • 2018-19 Record: 5-6, 4-2 GWOC
    • Top Scorer: Senior Zach Huffman (12.1 ppg)
    • Last Meeting: 2017-18; Lebanon 65, Milford 57
  • Friday, Jan. 18 vs. Kings, 7:30 p.m.
    • 2018-19 Record: 3-9, 3-4 ECC
    • Top Scorer: Senior Jake Peters (10.9 ppg)
    • Last Meeting: 2018-19; Kings 53, Milford 51


A LOOK BACK: January 8 at Milford: Walnut Hills 52, Milford 45



After falling behind by 11 points in the first four minutes of the game and again in the fourth quarter, Milford nearly came back by fouling Walnut Hills continuously during the final four minutes, before falling 52-45. Milford drew within three with just over a minute left on a three-pointer by Steven Huxell, but could draw no closer. Walnut connected on 18 of 26 free throws in the final period to wrap up its eighth straight win over MHS.



Milford 4-7, 2-4 ECC

Walnut Hills 8-4, 4-2 ECC




Jack Liles 11 points, 6 rebounds

Brady Sluder 11 points, 3 blocks

Steven Huxell 10 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists


Walnut Hills

Greg Phelia III 20 points, 5 rebounds, 4 steals, 3 blocks

Ryan Hill 11 points

Nic Smith 9 points, 12 rebounds


NUGGET OF NOTE: Milford won the all important rebounding battle (28-27) for the seventh time in 11 games this season. The Eagles are 4-3 in those contests.




January 11 at Turpin: Turpin 51, Milford 47 (OT)



Milford saw an 11-point halftime lead evaporate as Turpin stormed back in the fourth quarter and overtime as the Spartans held on to first place in the ECC race with a  51-47 victory. With the score tied at 40 in the last minute of regulation, Milford got the stop they needed but a nice look at the game-winner by Jack Liles just rimmed out, forcing extra time. In the OT, Turpin led the whole way but Milford got within two in the final 20 second. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Spartan Nick Haddad got behind the Milford defense for a quick lay-up with 14 seconds left that put the game out of reach.



Milford 4-8, 2-5 ECC

Turpin 9-2, 6-1 ECC




Jake Ayler 13 points, 6 rebounds

Steven Huxell 13 points, 3 rebounds



Nick Haddad 19 points

Jackson Holt 17 points


NUGGET OF NOTE: The game ended in almost identical fashion as the Eagles’ season-opener, an identical 51-47 overtime loss to Sycamore. In that game, Ayler got within two points late in OT before an opposing player, this time Sycamore’s Ben Yuskewich, broke away for a game-sealing lay-up. The Eagles’ eight losses are now by a total of 32 points, or 4.0 points per game.




INSIDE THE NUMBERS: A look at Milford’s statistical leaders:

Points per game: Steven Huxell (14.3), Jack Liles (7.3), Brady Sluder (7.2)

Assists per game: Jake Ayler (2.3), Caleb Farrell (2.0), Steven Huxell (1.8)

Rebounds per game: Brady Sluder (6.2), Cade Riesenberg (3.9), Jack Liles (3.7)

Steals: Jake Ayler/A.J. Dickerson (15), Steven Huxell (13)

Blocks: Brady Sluder (14), Connor Foster (4), Jack Liles (3)

Field goal percentage: Brady Sluder (.521), Cade Riesenberg (.476), Connor Foster (.444)

Three-point percentage: Steven Huxell (.424), Jack Liles (.405), Jake Ayler (.361)

Free throw percentage: Jack Liles (.933), Steven Huxell (.698), Jake Ayler (.677)


INSIDE THE ECC: Turpin’s come-from-behind overtime win over the Eagles last Friday allows the Spartans to hang on to first place in the league standings, but they have company at the top. Three teams, Loveland, Walnut Hills and West Clermont, each sit just a game out of first, all at 5-2. Kings is next at 3-4, with Milford 2-5 and Anderson and Withrow each at 1-6. The schedule for ECC conference games this week includes: Friday-Kings at Milford, Anderson at Loveland, Turpin at Withrow and West Clermont at Walnut Hills.


Milford Eagles Season/Career Highs

Jack Ackermann

Points—Season: N/A; Career: N/A

Rebounds— Season: 1 vs. Edgewood; Career: 1 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A


Jake Ayler

Points—Season: 17 vs. West Clermont; Career: 22 vs. Taft (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 6 at Turpin; Career: 8 at Lebanon (2017-18)

Assists—Season: 6 vs. Edgewood; Career: 6 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Steals—Season: 4 vs. West Clermont; Career: 4 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)


Cole Chaney

Points—Season: 4 vs. Edgewood; Career: 4 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Rebounds— Season: 2 vs. Edgewood; Career: 2 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A


A.J. Dickerson

Points—Season: 10 vs. Edgewood; Career: 11 at Kings (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 8 vs. West Clermont; Career: 8 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 4 vs. Harrison; Career: 4 vs. Harrison (2018-19)

Steals—Season: 3 vs. Edgewood; Career: 4 at Kings (2017-18)


Caleb Farrell

Points—Season: 9 twice; Career: 9 twice (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 5 at Anderson; Career: 5 at Anderson (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 4 vs. West Clermont; Career: 4 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)


Connor Foster

Points—Season: 10 vs. Harrison; Career: 13 vs. Kings (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 6 twice; Career: 6 twice (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 2 at Kings; Career: 2 twice

Blocks—Season: 4 at Withrow; Career: 4 at Withrow (2018-19)


Adam Harris

Points—Season: N/A; Career: 3 at West Clermont (2017-18)

Rebounds— Season: N/A; Career: N/A

Assists—Season: 1 vs. Walnut Hills; Career: 1 twice


Steven Huxell

Points—Season: 25 at Kings; Career: 25 at Kings (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 6 at Kings; Career: 7 at Sycamore (2017-18)

Assists—Season: 4 twice; Career: 7 at Shroder (2017-18)

Steals—Season: 3 at Winton Woods; Career: 3 three times


Jack Liles

Points—Season: 11 twice; Career: 11 twice (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 7 vs. Loveland; Career: 7 vs. Loveland (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 3 vs. Harrison; Career: 3 vs. Harrison (2018-19)

Steals—Season: 3 vs. West Clermont; Career: 3 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)


Cade Riesenberg

Points—Season: 8 at Anderson; Career: 10 vs. Western Brown (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 9 at Anderson; Career: 9 at Anderson (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 1 four times; Career: 1 seven times


Joey Round

Points—Season: 1 vs. Edgewood; Career: 1 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Rebounds— Season: 2 vs. Edgewood; Career: 2 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A


Brady Sluder

Points—Season: 16 at Anderson; Career: 16 twice (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 11 at Kings; Career: 11 at Kings (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 2 at Winton Woods; Career: 3 vs. Kings (2017-18)

Blocks—Season: 5 vs. Sycamore; Career: 5 vs. Sycamore (2018-19)

Double-doubles—Season: 1; Career: 1


Grant Whitaker

Points—Season: 2 vs. Harrison; Career: 2 vs. Harrison (2018-19)

Rebounds— Season: 1 vs. Edgewood; Career: 1 vs. Edgewood

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A

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