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Cheer/Dance Tryouts To Be Held Virtually

Posted on: April 5, 2020

With all the uncertainty that we’re experiencing, we have made a decision as a program to go with a virtual tryout process this season. While we know that it will be a first for our program, it will help get teams established and allow us to move forward with the season. This would allow us to form teams and start virtual practices to make sure we don't fall behind. We would also have the opportunity to register for camp and get uniforms, warm-ups, etc. ordered in a timely fashion. Please note, tryout apparel update: solid black, red, or white t-shirt; solid black, red, or white shorts; hair pulled back in pony; and Cheer, Dance, or Gym shoes.

Tryout Structure
1. We will email all registered athletes tryout material for everyone to learn prior to tryouts. We will be using UCA cheer for the sideline cheer tryouts and NDA dance for both sideline & competition dance team tryouts. Please see the links below.

Sideline Cheer (Tumbling and Jump Versions included) click here.
Dance Team (Same for Sideline & Competition)
Front View click here.
Teaching View click here.
Music click here.

*For the dance portion, the last FOUR 8 counts should be used as a freestyle (do NOT follow the choreography material in the video). This can consist of leaps, turns, dance, or acro skills. Be creative and show us what makes you unique and special!

2. Each athlete will fill out a tryout Google doc form that will consist of our tryout categories (jumps, tumbling, cheer, dance, acro skill, tryout interview, etc.) for the athletes to add their video. The deadline for video submissions is April 16th by 5pm. Anyone who needs help, please reach out to one of our coaching staff members. Remember, you need to have all of your videos completed THEN fill out your Google doc at one time. Again, please reach out to coaches if you need any assistance.

3. Next, we will give our Cheer & Dance judges the Google doc where they will watch the videos and judge each athlete. Once they are finished, they will send all scores over to our staff to tally.

4. There will be a teacher recommendation form to be submitted as well. This is a Google doc link that can only be opened and filled out by faculty members. Athletes will have the option of five different teachers to choose from (Math, Social Studies, English, Science, and Foreign Language). They must select THREE teachers to complete a recommendation prior to the tryout deadline. All teacher recommendation forms will be submitted directly to coaches.

5. Each athlete will upload a tryout interview. Below are the questions you may choose from. Athletes must complete THREE of the ten questions on a video link. They will then also add this to their Google doc along with their skills videos.
Interview Questions
1. Why do you want to be part of the MHS Spirit Program?
2. Name two ways to make the Pep Rally more engaging.
3. What would you do if a member of your squad had a better attitude?
4. Do you feel Spirit Program members are an important part of the athletic program and why?
5. How should members of the Spirit Program represent their school and student body?
6. What would you like to see implemented in this year’s program?
7. Name one goal you have for this year.
8. What benefits do you see in having dance and cheer under a Spirit Program umbrella?
9. What ideas do you have to increase school spirit?
10. Do you feel being part of the Spirit Program includes being a leader outside of school and having excellent moral character? Why?

6. There will be a Tryout Parent Consent form that must be completed by the April 16th deadline. Below is the Google link.

Team selections for all Spirit Programs will be emailed out no later than April 19th at 5pm.

Additional Information: We will ask that all skills be thrown in the grass, on a tumbling mat, or other soft surface (jumps and tumbling) in cheer/dance shoes as required. PLEASE DO NOT throw tumbling skills on concrete or other unsafe surfaces. We understand that football/basketball season skills are performed on the track, turf, and hardwood floor; however, exercise precaution! If you do not have a space that can provide a safe performance surface, we are allowing athletes to submit videos taken in the last 3 months ON A DEAD MAT SURFACE (no spring floor, air mat, etc.). Please reach out to Coach Epp for Sideline Cheer or Coach Wall for Competition Cheer and Dance teams with further questions.
We will also note if anyone has tumbling restraints due to location. This will be taken into consideration during the tryout process. We are aware that our athletes have been unable to tumble/train to their fullest abilities over the past month. If you are unable or uncomfortable performing required skills, you may receive a pass on your skill for virtual tryouts only.

PLEASE BE AWARE: There will be a mandatory skills check program-wide two weeks after we have been released to begin athletics. This is to ensure that all required skills are being completed. If you made a team and are unable to complete your required skills at this skill check you will be removed from the program.

1. Skills Videos on Google doc
a. Cheer Skills:
i. Video 1- Jumps (Toe Touch then choose either Pike OR Hurdler)
ii. Video 2- Cheer
iii. Video 3- Standing tumbling AND Running tumbling
b. Dance Skills:
i. Video 1- Dance (with last four 8 counts of incorp)
ii. Video 2- Acro skill of choice
2. Teacher Recommendations Submitted
3. Interview Questions Video on Google doc (same Google doc as skills videos)
4. Parent Consent Form

Coaches Contact Information
Varsity Sideline Coach- Colleen Epp

Varsity Competition Cheer Coach
Varsity Dance Coach- Alicia Wall

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