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ECC Battles With Withrow, West Clermont Await Boys Hoops Squad

Posted on: January 22, 2019

A LOOK AT THE EAGLES: A capsule look at the 2018-19 team:

  • 2018-19 Record: 6-8, 3-5 ECC
  • Head Coach: Joe Cambron (18th year at Milford and as HS head coach)
  • Top Scorer: Senior Steven Huxell (14.0 ppg)
  • Top Rebounder: Senior Brady Sluder (6.1 rpg)


A LOOK AT THE OPPONENTS: A look at Milford’s schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday, Jan. 22 vs. Withrow, 7:30 p.m.
    • 2018-19 Record: 3-11, 2-6 ECC
    • Top Scorer: Junior Ivan Mason (11.2 ppg)
    • Last Meeting: 2018-19; Withrow 35, Milford 33
  • Friday, Jan. 25 at West Clermont, 7:30 p.m.
    • 2018-19 Record: 10-4, 6-2 ECC
    • Top Scorer: Senior John Aicholtz (12.5 ppg)
    • Last Meeting: 2018-19; Milford 57, West Clermont 46


A LOOK BACK: January 15 at Milford: Milford 67, Lebanon 57 (OT)



After each team made a three-pointer in the final 2.2 seconds, Milford dominated overtime by a 12-2 score to turn a tight game into a 67-57 win over Lebanon in a non-conference thriller. With the score knotted at 52, Milford’s Jack Liles put the Eagles up with a three from the corner with 2.2 seconds to play. But the Warriors’ Zach Huffman got off a three of his own at the buzzer to force the extra session. The final four minutes were all Milford as they closed the game on a 10-0 run.



Milford 5-8

Lebanon 5-7




Jack Liles 27 points, 3 rebounds

Jake Ayler 14 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists

Steven Huxell 12 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds



Zach Huffman 21 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists

Sammy Stotts 15 points

Milo White 10 points, 3 steals


NUGGET OF NOTE: Jack Liles turned in one of the most impressive shooting performances in recent Milford history as the sharp-shooting junior connected on 10 of 10 field goals, including six three-pointers to finish with a career-high 27 points. The only blemish on his perfect shooting night was a single missed free throw.




January 18 at Milford: Milford 48, Kings 39



The Eagles avenged a heart crushing loss to Kings in the first meeting of the year between the squads, bouncing back for a 48-39 win over the Knights. Milford led for much of the evening, but was ahead by only three with just under six minutes left in the fourth quarter. But the Eagles would go on to put the Knights away with a 13-4 run to build a game-high 12-point lead in the waning seconds. MHS sealed the win by making 9 of 12 free throws in the last quarter.



Milford 6-8, 3-5 ECC

Kings 4-10, 3-5 ECC




Jake Ayler 14 points, 3 assists, 3 steals

Steven Huxell 12 points, 5 rebounds



Jake Peters 12 points, 3 rebounds


NUGGET OF NOTE: The Eagles won the rebounding battle (28-26), marking the fifth straight game and 11th time this year they’ve accomplished the feat.




INSIDE THE NUMBERS: A look at Milford’s statistical leaders:

Points per game: Steven Huxell (14.0), Jack Liles (8.8), Jake Ayler (8.0)

Assists per game: Jake Ayler (2.4), Steven Huxell (2.0), Caleb Farrell (1.8)

Rebounds per game: Brady Sluder (6.1), Cade Riesenberg (3.8), Jack Liles (3.5)

Steals: Jake Ayler (20), A.J. Dickerson (18), Steven Huxell (13)

Blocks: Brady Sluder (15), Connor Foster/Jack Liles (4)

Field goal percentage: Brady Sluder (.532), Jack Liles (.467), Connor Foster (.457)

Three-point percentage: Jack Liles (.489), Steven Huxell (.394), Jake Ayler (.366)

Free throw percentage: Jack Liles (.895), Jake Ayler (.738), A.J. Dickerson (.719)


INSIDE THE ECC: The second half of the conference season promises to be a barn burner with the top-six in the league only separate by three games in the loss column. Right now, there’s a three-way tie at the top with Loveland, Turpin and West Clermont all sitting 6-2. Walnut Hills is just a game behind at 5-3, with Kings and Milford at 3-5. Withrow (2-6) and Anderson (1-7) round out the standings. The schedule for ECC conference games this week includes: Tuesday-Withrow at Milford, Walnut Hills at Anderson, West Clermont at Turpin and Loveland at Kings; Friday-Milford at West Clermont, Anderson at Turpin, Loveland at Walnut Hills and Kings at Withrow.


Milford Eagles Season/Career Highs

Jack Ackermann

Points—Season: N/A; Career: N/A

Rebounds— Season: 1 vs. Edgewood; Career: 1 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A


Jake Ayler

Points—Season: 17 vs. West Clermont; Career: 22 vs. Taft (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 6 at Turpin; Career: 8 at Lebanon (2017-18)

Assists—Season: 6 vs. Edgewood; Career: 6 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Steals—Season: 4 vs. West Clermont; Career: 4 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)


Cole Chaney

Points—Season: 4 vs. Edgewood; Career: 4 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Rebounds— Season: 2 vs. Edgewood; Career: 2 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A


A.J. Dickerson

Points—Season: 10 vs. Edgewood; Career: 11 at Kings (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 8 vs. West Clermont; Career: 8 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 4 vs. Harrison; Career: 4 vs. Harrison (2018-19)

Steals—Season: 3 vs. Edgewood; Career: 4 at Kings (2017-18)


Caleb Farrell

Points—Season: 9 twice; Career: 9 twice (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 5 at Anderson; Career: 5 at Anderson (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 4 vs. West Clermont; Career: 4 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)


Connor Foster

Points—Season: 10 vs. Harrison; Career: 13 vs. Kings (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 6 twice; Career: 6 twice (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 2 at Kings; Career: 2 twice

Blocks—Season: 4 at Withrow; Career: 4 at Withrow (2018-19)


Adam Harris

Points—Season: N/A; Career: 3 at West Clermont (2017-18)

Rebounds— Season: N/A; Career: N/A

Assists—Season: 1 vs. Walnut Hills; Career: 1 twice


Steven Huxell

Points—Season: 25 at Kings; Career: 25 at Kings (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 6 at Kings; Career: 7 at Sycamore (2017-18)

Assists—Season: 4 three times; Career: 7 at Shroder (2017-18)

Steals—Season: 3 at Winton Woods; Career: 3 three times


Jack Liles

Points—Season: 27 vs. Lebanon; Career: 27 vs. Lebanon (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 7 vs. Loveland; Career: 7 vs. Loveland (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 3 vs. Harrison; Career: 3 vs. Harrison (2018-19)

Steals—Season: 3 vs. West Clermont; Career: 3 vs. West Clermont (2018-19)


Cade Riesenberg

Points—Season: 8 at Anderson; Career: 10 vs. Western Brown (2017-18)

Rebounds—Season: 9 at Anderson; Career: 9 at Anderson (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 1 four times; Career: 1 seven times


Joey Round

Points—Season: 1 vs. Edgewood; Career: 1 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Rebounds— Season: 2 vs. Edgewood; Career: 2 vs. Edgewood (2018-19)

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A


Brady Sluder

Points—Season: 16 at Anderson; Career: 16 twice (2018-19)

Rebounds—Season: 11 at Kings; Career: 11 at Kings (2018-19)

Assists—Season: 2 at Winton Woods; Career: 3 vs. Kings (2017-18)

Blocks—Season: 5 vs. Sycamore; Career: 5 vs. Sycamore (2018-19)

Double-doubles—Season: 1; Career: 1


Grant Whitaker

Points—Season: 2 vs. Harrison; Career: 2 vs. Harrison (2018-19)

Rebounds— Season: 1 vs. Edgewood; Career: 1 vs. Edgewood

Assists—Season: N/A; Career: N/A

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