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MHS Cross Country Polar Bear Club

Posted on: November 11, 2018

Joining us for the Polar Bear Club is NOT a commitment to run track and running track does not require that you participate in the Polar Bear Club.  However, both options will work together during the winter and spring and both will make you a better cross country runner next fall.

Organized workouts for track will start after Thanksgiving and we will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 pm at the football weight room to lift, then we will run.  On Wednesday, we will run first, then meet in the HS weigh troom at 3:30 pm to finish our workout.  The locker room is still available and lots of layers, hats, gloves, and tights are smart choices for winter running. After running and lifting, you can wait for your ride in the cafeteria.  We will always end by 4:30 pm with most days finishing closer to 4:15 pm.  It is smart to have dry clothes available for after these runs, while you are waiting for a ride!

Polar Bear Club will use these track meeting times on Tues, Wed, and Thurs, then add meeting outside of Coach Ackerman’s at 2:30 pm on Monday and Friday for anyone who wants to run from school.  Understanding that rides are still a major challenge for many of you, running on your own or on the treadmill, or on the weekends is counted for Polar Bear mileage as well.  It is just much easier to log miles if you have teammates to train with! 

Here are the specific "rules" for the club:


November 12 to March 3 (16 weeks)

  • Run 20 miles – get 1 ticket
  • Run 30 miles – get 2 tickets        
  • Run 40 miles – get 3 tickets

Weeks go from Monday to Sunday!


At the end of the 16 weeks, prizes will be given to those who earn the most tickets!

All mileage will be logged on a google form.  Please e-mail Coach Ack if you want to participate, then update the google form each week with your total mileage for the week!