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Milford Athletics COVID-19 Return to Participation Plan

Posted on: May 29, 2020

I am happy to announce that we will begin Phase 1 of our Return to Participation Plan starting next Monday June 1, 2020. All programs/teams will be allowed to start skill training and/or workouts & conditioning on campus and off-site following our COVID-19 Return to Participation safety plan.

Here is the MEVSD 3-phase Return to Participation Plan that coincides with the guidelines and recommendations of the OHSAA, NFHS (National Federation of High Schools), and ODH (Ohio Department of Health).

We feel we have a comprehensive plan in place to keep all participate safe and minimize the possible risks of the COVID-19 virus. At this time, our 3-Phase timeline looks like this:

Phase 1: June 1st-June 14th
Phase 2: June 15th-June 28th
Phase 3: June 29th-July 12th

Here are a couple of important things I want to highlight that you need to know:
1) The above MEVSD Return to Participation Plan will now be on Final Forms that all student-athletes and parents/guardians & coaches MUST sign off on that they are aware of our plan and will follow to the best of their ability.
2) All student-athletes must still have a valid physical on file with us and complete all their other forms on Final Forms before they begin any off-season or in-season workouts, skills training, or tryouts/practices. The OHSAA states physicals are only good for 13 months from the date they were completed. If you cannot get into your family doctor, you may need to go to the Little Clinic or Urgent Care. Here is the link to the 20-21 physical form for your convenience. 
Also, here is the link to Final Forms.
3) Please note that we will asking all student-athletes and coaches in the first few phases of return to do self symptom checks (this form is located on page 9 of the Return to Participation document). PLEASE make sure student-athletes take their temperature before they leave the door each day and have a specific number to report. Coaches will be taking attendance, having student-athletes fill out the quick 4 question form and document their temperature. Anyone that answers YES to any questions or has a fever over 100.4F, will be sent home.
4) Locker Rooms will NOT be open in Phase 1, so all student-athletes must come changed and ready to go. A limited number of restrooms will be open for use.
5) For the immediate future, all student-athletes MUST bring their own water bottles and they need to be filled up at home. No water or ice will be available at school unless it's a medical emergency.
6) There are new guidelines from Mercy Health with our Athletic Trainers and training rooms. Please refer to page 3 on the Return to Participation document.
7) Please note that OHSAA has still not cleared us for contact, competition, or any drills/activities that put student-athletes in close proximity of each other. Though each phase is less restrictive, until we get the green light from them, we unable to do anything that is "high risk."

Lastly, all of our MHS coaches have been well communicated with and trained on these guidelines. They will be required to submit specific action plans to me for approval. Coaches will then be able to communicate with you when their off-season programs will start and what their specific process will be based on the guidelines we have set forth by our district.

If there are any questions you have or clarifications, please don't hesitate to reach out. Though we are excited about the opportunity to get back to action with sports, our #1 concern has been and always will be the safety and wellness of our participants.

Thank you,

Aaron Zupka
Milford High School Administration