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2020 Spring Team Previews: Girls Lacrosse

Posted on: April 17, 2020

With the 2020 spring seasons on hold and hopeful to start soon, we asked each of our head coaches to take a few minutes to preview the seasons, while also sharing how they’ve stayed engaged with their teams during the COVID-19 shutdown. In the second installment of a seven-part series, girls lacrosse head coach Windy Robinson shares her thoughts.

2020 Varsity Roster

Top returning players
• Junior M/A Sarah Cardell (1st team All-ECC; 72 G/4 A/15 GB/45 DC)
• Senior M Josi Jennings (Urbana University signee; 8 G/1 A/13 GB/33 DC)
• Sophomore M/A Gillian Roeder (14 G/2 A/14 GB/11 DC)
• Senior M/A Alexis Montalvo (Ashland University signee; HM All-ECC; 1 G/2 A/19 GB/29 DC)
• Senior M/A Alexa Rouse (3 G/10 GB/17 DC)
• Senior G Emily Stiles (Mount St. Joseph University signee; 2nd team All-ECC; 2 D/196 SV)

Promising newcomers
• Junior A Avery Osborne
• Freshman M Maria Rust
• Freshman M/D Fayth Curtis

Coach Robinson’s thoughts
“Preseason was good and the team is ready to play. They’ve been working hard since June on their own skills and together in the weight room and with conditioning. Early weeks of practice showed a team ready to compete within the conference and ready to start strong with their March schedule. They’ve continued to work hard from their backyards and hope to comeback strong and finish with a modified season in May.”

Coach Robinson Q&A
How are you staying in touch with your players during this time?
“We have been in touch with the team on a daily basis on Group Me and we meet formally once a week on a Zoom meeting. Each week the team has stayed connected by participating in weekly challenges. Week 1: Stick Tricks, Week 2: Wall Ball Challenge, Week 3: Workout Week, Week 4: Virtual Passing. Five challenges are posted each week, players post videos of themselves taking part in the daily challenge. It's been fun, they’ve been going back and forth trying to one up each other on stick tricks. Family has been playing along on things like our push up and squat challenge, etc. We've had all of our players participate. It;s been a good way for them to continue to interact with each other and just good to see them and help them stay busy.”

Share something fun you've done/have planned with your players virtually;
“Our weekly challenges. We’ve chosen to do them on our private group v. using social media so that everyone would feel comfortable participating. It’s been great team building!

“Currently, our seniors are working on the virtual passing video-- once all submissions are in, we should have something to share!”